About Us

“Tieton enjoys panoramic views from its quiet little space just at the top of the Yakima Valley”

The City of Tieton sits at the uppermost reaches of the Yakima Valley Basin, approximately 12 miles west of Yakima along scenic Summitview Rd. Approximately five miles to the north of the city lies the Naches River and the City of Naches. Driving into Tieton from Naches, as you crest the top of the grade, you can look out over the sweeping expanse of the valley, seeing what the first settlers to the area had the foresight to see and the endurance to create: a place to build your homes, grow your crops and raise your children.

Tieton was incorporated as a Town in 1942 and became a Code City in 2003. The city started as a small community of farmers and orchardists in 1888, covering a wide range of the upper valley. As the population slowly increased, so did the need for local services, and a central location to obtain those services.

The post office, as one of the first local services, was established on Dec. 3rd, 1909.

The U.S. Department of Reclamation brought the first water to Tieton in 1911. After long, hard years Tieton was in a position to flourish. In 1916 the Northern Pacific railroad was brought up the Cowiche Canyon and joined with the Naches branch at Painted Rocks. An estimate from 1921 shows 900 carloads of Tieton area products shipped. The need for other services and supplies increased as merchandise was shipped back into Tieton. There were 75 carloads brought into Tieton City for distribution. Included in those loads were 10 cars of paper and 2 cars of box shook for the fruit harvest. The remaining count included 10 cars of lumber for building, 10 cars of feed for livestock, 5 cars of wood, and at least 25 cars of general merchandise. Between about 1919 and 1921 approximately a half million dollars went into the construction of homes and businesses in Tieton and vicinity.

The Tieton State Bank was opened in 1919 with Senator Morthland as President, F.J. Straka as vice-president and S.I. Linse and Don Hayes as directors. B.H. Frederick served as cashier.

Ray Landre published the Tieton Fair News on October 15, 1921 and also owned and operated Landres Supply prior to the publication of Tieton Fair News.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the earlier pioneers of Tieton to create a community in our valley, Tieton is now where it is today. With a population of 1,195 residents, the city enjoys a quiet and friendly atmosphere.

The heart of Tieton is located around Tietons’ City Square. Local businesses line the four sides of our centrally located park. The park is used for various events that are held throughout the summer, including Tieton Community Days, Quest Camp and Allied Arts, etc. The annual tree lighting ceremony is sponsored by the local Lion’s Club in December.

Tieton is but a short driving distance to year-round outdoor activities. Rimrock Lake, Wenas Lake, and the Yakima River offers boating, camping, fishing, swimming and river floats throughout the summer. During the winter months the surrounding areas provide snowmobiling, snowboarding and skiing activities.

Mighty Tieton, LLC.has put on various events at their warehouse location here in Tieton: art exhibits, kite exhibits, antique shows and dinners are a few examples.