City Officials




Council Meetings are now held on the 2nd  and 4th  Monday of each month at Tieton City Hall. Meetings start at 6:00p.m.

Presiding over the meeting is Mayor Stanley R. Hall.


City Officials


Mayor- Stanley R. Hall                                     Mayor Pro-Tem- Dewane Ashbrooks

Councilwoman- Felisa Cox                               Councilwoman- Sharon Sedgwick

Councilman- Matt Riddle                                    Councilman- Larry Buchanan Jr.


Planning Commission meetings are held at City Hall on the 1st Thursday of each month at   6:00 p.m. unless otherwise posted.

Presiding over the meeting is Chairperson Bob Adams.


Planning Commission


Chairperson-Bob Adams                                     Commissioner-Mark Stoltenow

Commissioner-Vicki Ennis                                  Commissioner-Karen Quint

Executive Secretary-Jenny Korens                    Commissioner-Jeanette Galvan



Tieton Economic Development meetings are held at Harvest Hall on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at
6:30 P.M.

Presiding over the meeting is Kerry Quint.

Economic Development Committee


Chairperson – Kerry Quint            Dewane Ashbrooks

Secretary – Karen Quint